Dirt Road Rides

For riders with appropriate adventure bikes who are experienced in riding off-road, we will be running two challenging dirt tours with a back-up vehicle.

1. The first “dirt ride” will head to Wentworth via Chowilla Regional Reserve. The ride will be led by a member experienced in traversing these tracks, ably backed up by a fully equipped 4WD vehicle containing snacks, water, medical gear and satellite phone facilities. Be prepared to wash your bike (and yourself!!) on your return to civilisation!!

2. The second “dirt ride” with the same ride leader familiar with this area, is across the border into Victoria’s Sunset National Park, criss-crossed by a network of tracks and trails. Riders will traverse some of these, with the same back-up team, food, supplies and support. Again, both bikes and riders should return in a filthy condition.

This ‘Rides and Tours’ information will be updated as needed until the 2018 AGM Event start on May 7th.