2018 Riverland AGM FAQs

Getting to the Riverland

Where is the Riverland?

The Riverland region is just 230kms north east of Adelaide in South Australia on the Sturt Highway and about 160kms by road from Mildura in Victoria. The Riverland Area is a large area and contains five main towns being Renmark, Berri, Loxton,
Barmera and Waikerie.

Road distances to Barmera AGM Event Site from major cities:
Location Distance (km’s)  Transit Time (hrs)
Adelaide 230  3
Brisbane 1,826  21
Cairns 2,896  34
Hobart 988 --
Melbourne 708  8
Sydney 1,180  13
Perth 2,767  29
Darwin 3,101  36
Alice Springs 1,605  17


There is no commercial airport nearby. There's an emergency strip at Renmark used by the Flying Doctor. There's a regional airport at Mildura with daily flights from Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney with convenient connections from other major cities. A regular bus service runs from Mildura to Renmark.

Is there a railway station nearby?

Coach services?
Greyhound, Premier and SA Link operate several northbound and southbound coach services each day to Adelaide and Mildura and onto Sydney.
What is the Campground like?

The Campground is just 3 kilometres from Barmera at the Riverland Field Days Site on the main Sturt Highway from Barmera to Renmark. The Site is used for other major events and consists of 12.5 acres of mown grass ideally suited to comfortable camping. The site is fully secured by a cyclone fence. RV’s will be catered for and can be housed on-site. There is limited 240 V power available. The site has an array of permanent buildings including a large and small pavilion and some toilets blocks.
Additional toilet and shower trucks will be imported for the AGM Event. A large Circus style tent or marquee will be constructed to house the expected number of members attending. Rainwater is available for drinking purposes. All motorcycle manufacturers and traders will be housed on site in their own secured fully fenced and sealed area currently used as a Government operated motorcycle training precinct. The site will be fully self-contained with a mini supermarket and food outlets running 24/7.

Check out the site at www.riverlandfielddays.com.au

Getting around the Riverland

Local Buses, Taxi Companies

The very best way to get about in the Riverland is by motorcycle or car depending on how you travelled to the AGM Event as most places to see are within a 30km radius of the Event Site.

Taxis are available in each of the major Towns and bus companies will be contracted to take members around the tourist areas of the Riverland on demand.


Why is the AGM in May? – They’re usually in March.
May in the Riverland has mild temperatures and the heat of summer will long be gone. There are other regular major events in the Riverland and we wished to be remote from these, as two major events at the one time would overwhelm the hard bed accommodation options. The AGM Event site will be at its very best in May with 12.5 acres of mown lawn to camp on. The Riverland’s main income is derived from viniculture and the harvest season will mainly be finished by May. Also, riding on spilt grape skins is not a recommended practise.
Average Temperature range:
Summer – High 32°C – Low 15°C
Winter – High 18°C – Low 6°C
May – High 20⁰C – Low 8⁰C


Offsite accomodation

The Riverland has in excess of 2,700 beds available ranging from caravan parks to cabins to 5 star Motels and Hotels and B & B’s. Most accommodation is within a 30km radius of the AGM Check out www.destinationriverland.org.au/accommodation

Distance of Major Hotels/Motels/Caravan Parks from the AGM Event Site

Location Distance
Event Site


Transit Time
Event Site
Glossop Motel 3 4
Barmera Holiday Park Lake Bonney 3 5
Barmera Lake Resort Motel 3 5
Barmera Hotel / Motel 5 10
Barmera Country Club 5 10
Cobdogla Station Caravan Park 8 9
Berri Resort Hotel 11 10
Berri Riverside Caravan Park 11 10
Kingston on Murray Caravan Park 15 15
Renmark Comfort Inn Motel 29 24
Renmark Hotel / Motel 29 24
Remark Motor Inn 29 24
Renmark Riverbend Caravan Park 31 26
Paringa Hotel / Motel 31 28
Loxton Hotel / Motel 31 28
Waikerie Hotel / Motel 50 30
Waikerie Kirrie Muir Motel 50 38
Can I book today?

Yes, Riverland Visitor Information staff are on hand to facilitate your booking today. Please see one of them at our stand at the Port Macquarie – Wauchope AGM Event in 2017 or contact Destination Riverland on (08) 8586 6704 or 1300 661 704. The Office is open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.
We recommend booking early to secure hard accommodation.

AGM Event General Information

Registration form

The event registration form will be in the 2017 Spring (or maybe Summer) edition of Riding On.

Alternatively, you will be able to register on line on the National website,

Campsite booking

You must book your campsite using your registration form, which will be in the 2017 Summer edition of Riding On. Alternatively, you will be able to register on line on the National website, www.ulyssesclub.org. All campsite bookings will be processed by the National Administration Office.

Group booking

You can make a group booking.
You must have 10 or more people registered to have a group booking. Once you have registered for the Event and received your registration confirmation, write a cover letter with the names of all parties within your group, including details of their Registration Number, and post it to the AGM Event postal address, for organisation and confirmation.

Camp site cost

Prices cannot be established until closer to the event, and will appear in the
2017 Spring (or maybe Summer) edition of Riding On.

Number of camp sites

Site layout has not yet been finalised, however the draft plan for the Riverland Event shows:

  1. About 1000 grassed non-powered sites (6x6m)
  2. Some mains powered grassed sites (medical condition folk only)
  3. Plus 100+ RV/Caravan sites (Sealed & gravel surface)
  4. Plus 100+ sites allocated for Tent City
  5. More space is available…
Check In

The Event reception and check-in will be via gate 7 of the Event site (Riverland Field Days site).

Rooftop camper

How would you class a car with a tent attached to the roof racks and towing a bike on a trailer? Would I have to pay RV camping rates?

Yes - If it is a rooftop camper, it would be classed as an RV and an RV site fee will be charged.

Non-bike parking

We plan to have a secure vehicle parking area on site, outside the camping area.
There will be facilities available to transport your gear from a car or trailer to your camp site upon arrival. All vehicles are free to enter and leave the secure parking area. RVs and caravans will have a separate camping area to motorcycles, but must remain in the camping area once set up. Cars are not allowed in any camping area other than cars equipped with rooftop campers (which are classed as RVs). Only motorcycles are allowed to enter and leave the camping area.

The use of on-site generators will be strictly controlled. They will only be allowed to operate between 9am and 8pm. Fuel to power these generators will have to be stored in a safe manner and we reserve the right for our OH&S personnel to inspect the fuel storage facilities.

Ablution blocks
There will be ground level, portable shower and toilet trucks with a small number of permanent ablution blocks, including disabled facilities located within the campground.
RV site facilities

We have over 100 RV sites, which will be allocated on a first come, first served basis when you register. They are serviced by river water taps, some of which may be used for hose connections to RVs and caravans. This water is fit for showering but not for drinking. Mains power will not be available to all RV sites, so personal generator power will be necessary under normal circumstances. Solar powered units will be allowed.

Laundry facilities
We will negotiate with local laundry companies to offer a pickup & delivery service if possible.
Mobile phone and laptop charging

There is good coverage at the Event site by Telstra and Optus, which will give Internet access on your phone.  (Which you can probably use as a hotspot if you need to.)

There will be a free facility to recharge phones & laptops on site.

Internet Access

Internet access will not be provided at the event site.

However it should be accessible on Telstra and Optus (at least) phones at the Event site.

Public access to the AGM Event site

Public access possibilities are yet to be decided by NatCom.

Event Site size

The Domestic Precinct (Camping Area) is 12.5 acres.

Event Site shuttle?

If the site is that big, will there be bus transport or something around the site?

No, all facilities within the area will be within easy walking distance over even

Transport to major towns from the site
It is best that you use your motorcycle or car as the main transport options from the Barmera Field Days Site.
Shuttle buses to dinners

Dedicated shuttle services will be used for pick up and drop offs from all major Riverland towns and close by areas for the Wednesday and Saturday night dinners.

There will be a fee of $5 per person for each of these two nights to partially cover the costs of the buses.  These fees will be payable as part of the overall registration fee.

Distance from Event site to nearby major towns

Approximately 5km to Barmera, 29km to Renmark and 8km to Berri.

Distance from Event site to nearest service station


Distance from Event site to nearest supermarket?

Approximately 5km but it is planned to have a temporary division of a local IGA Supermarket on site.

Day parking
Day visitor parking for Ulyssians and visitors who are accommodated off-site is available within an area adjacent to the proposed Commercial and Domestic precincts. The area comprises a compacted base, gravel and bitumen surfaces, with a bitumen roadway throughout. It is contained outside an outer security-fence, and entry can be managed through manned gates.
Owners of pets are discouraged from bringing them to AGM Event venues. Registrants who choose to bring their pets must register them with the Administration Office prior to the event and must agree in writing to abide by the Club’s policy and be responsible for compliance with the policy whilst attending the Event. Acceptance of any pet is at the discretion of the Event Host Committee and the National Administration Office Staff. All pets must be kept on a hand leash at all times whilst in the Event Venue/s. Owners must clean up after their pets. All animals, which represent a danger or potential hazard to other registrants or themselves are not permitted in the Event venue at any time. Pets must be exercised outside the Event Venue. The Camping site and surrounds must be kept clean of droppings at all times by the owner and the site must be cleaned up prior to departure from the site. Dispose of all droppings in the appropriate waste disposal. Pets are not to be left unattended at any time. Pets are not permitted inside the amenities facilities, Commercial Precinct, Community Precinct or Event Reception at any time. Only Guide Dogs will be permitted in food service areas. No continuous or a persistent barking by the pet. Pet owners agree and accept to take full responsibility for any personal injury or damage caused by or to their pet whilst within the Event Venue/s and agrees to pay for any claims of compensation in relation to the pet’s activities. Should a member be discovered to contravene or to not be observing the spirit of this policy they are to be asked to comply or leave the venue without claim for any refund/s. A fee will be charged for the registration of Pets.

You will receive a volunteer form when registration is launched in Riding On and the website.

There are plenty of jobs you can help out with at the 2018 AGM Event ranging from marshalling to moving chairs & tables, putting up decorations, or working in the Gear Shop, helping to clear out buildings, marking out tent sites, the list goes on…

Trade stands
Information about trader site bookings, quantity available, size, location etc. will be available at the Port Macquarie – Wauchope AGM Event in May 2017. It is impossible to establish final cost for sites until closer to the Event.
Postal Services

It is anticipated that Australia Post will establish a parcel collection service for people not wanting to carry camping gear on their bike. The Post Office is located in nearby Barmera.

Onsite ATM?

No onsite ATM, but Barmera is just 5km away and has one ATM facility. There are more extensive ATM facilities at Berri.  Also there are a lot of EFTPOS facilities available at local businesses that would have cash withdrawal facilities.

Yes you can get hitched at the AGM Event! Weddings and affirmations will be offered for those members interested, and will coincide with the Sunday morning church service.

Rides & Tours and The Grand Parade

Organised rides
Self-guided rides are being planned at the moment. It’s early days yet, but tentatively, we’re arranging: A dedicated run to each of the five major towns within the Riverland using mud maps highlighting the route, distances, what to see when you get there and special places of interest. An extended lead run to the Barossa Valley and the National Motor Museum at Birdwood is also being considered.
Organised tours

Will there be organised tours for those tired of riding?

Yes. We’ve planning to have bus rides to some local attractions targeting the ladies
but gentlemen are most welcome as well:

  • Winery tours
  • Loxton Pioneer Village tours
  • Lavender Farm tours
  • Historic Chowilla Station tours
  • Paddle Steamer tours
  • Banrock Station Winery tours including their world renowned wetlands
  • Wilkadene Brewery, Murtho via Paringa
Grand Parade

The Grand Parade finishes at Renmark, right on the riverfront. The venue for the finish of the Grand Parade is just 1200 metres from the Saturday afternoon AGM venue at the Chaffey Theatre. There are cafes & pubs in the CBD area.

Commemorative Merchandise

Commemorative Merchandise

If there is any Commemorative Merchandise left after all orders have been filled, it will be for sale in the Gear Shop area. Registrants need to be aware that there will be a cut-off date for Commemorative Merchandise orders and no further merchandise will be ordered when this is all sold.

You will be able to preview the Riverland 2018 Event Commemorative Merchandise at the Port Macquarie – Wauchope AGM Event. There will be a range of Commemorative Merchandise available including specific men’s and ladies shirts, caps and badges.

Other Information

Local attractions

A snapshot of some Riverland attractions is best found via the Internet.
Destination Riverland has an excellent website found at:
It describes in detail the local touring opportunities, including Accommodation, Experiences, Tours, Getting there, Top Ten things to do, Food and Wine, Houseboats, Weather, Find a Mechanic and Riverland Special Events.

  • Barmera – 55 Tonkin Street
  • Renmark – 172 Fifteenth Street
  • Loxton – Shop 3, 6 Edward Street
  • Berri – 6 William Street
Petrol Stations


  • Bonney Roadhouse – Sturt Highway
  • Pitstop Express 24 hour - 69 Tonkin Ave


  • BP - 7 Anderson Terrace
  • Shell Roadhouse – 2 Anderson Terrace


  • United Petroleum – 12905 Sturt Highway
  • OTR Renmark – 292 Renmark Avenue
  • Caltex – Renmark Avenue
  • Morgas – Ral Ral Avenue West
  • Liberty – 17 Renmark Avenue


  • United – Old Sturt Highway
  • Caltex – Old Sturt Highway


  • Caltex – Bookpurnong Road
  • BP - Bookpurnong Road


  • Sutton Motors – 14 Ina Oliver Drive
  • Cole Express – 1 Peake Terrace
Riverland Auto parts shops
  • Riverland Auto Repairs – 1 Simes Road, Barmera
  • Dos Auto – Bice Street Barmera
  • Symo’s Autoknow – Barwell Tce Barmera
  • Repco – 3 Sturt Highway, Glossop
  • Supercheap Auto – Fifteenth Street, Renmark
  • Burson Auto Parts – Vaughan Street, Renmark
  • Riverland Auto & 4WD – 1 Lindsay Point Road, Paringa
  • Repco – 27 Vaughan Tce, Berri
  • Schill Auto Parts – 3 Ian Oliver Drive, Waikerie
  • McKays Auto Centre – 9 Francis Street, Waikerie
Tyre supply shops (Other than Motorcycle Tyres)
  • Riverland Tyre and Mag Centre – Tonkin Ave Barmera
  • Auto Pro – 232 Renmark Avenue, Renmark
  • Beaurepairs – Lot 31 Industry Road, Renmark
  • Goodyear Tyres – 32 Bookpurnong Road, Loxton
  • Tyre Plus – 1 Riverview Avenue, Berri
Shopping Centres and Supermarkets
All towns within the Riverland area have Shopping Centres.
Clubs, Pubs, Cafes and Restaurants
The Riverland Area is home to a wide variety of Clubs, Pubs, Cafes and Restaurants.
Church Services
Anglican, Assemblies of God, Baptist, Catholic, Churches of Christ, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Salvation Army, Seventh Day Adventist, Uniting Church and Jehovah’s Witness, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon).
Banks, Credit Unions and ATM’s
The Riverland is serviced by local branches of all major banks.
Other ATMs and Cash withdrawals
Cash withdrawals are available from all major supermarkets, clubs and shopping centres in the Riverland area.
  • Barmera Hospital – 24 Hawden Street, Barmera – ph: 08 8588 0400
  • Loxton Hospital – Drabsch Street, Loxton – ph: 08 8584 8555
  • Renmark Hospital – Ral Ral Avenue, Renmark – ph: 08 8580 4100
  • Berri Hospital – Maddern Street, Berri – ph: 08 8580 2400
  • Waikerie Hospital – Lawrie Terrace, Waikerie – ph: 08 8541 0555

The Riverland General Hospital at Berri is the principal hospital, especially for emergencies.

Ambulance Services
All Major towns within the Riverland area have Ambulance Bases on 24 hour alert. Crews are made up of Advanced Care Paramedics at all stations. In addition, the Royal Flying Doctor can operate out of each major town using the local airstrip.
Pathology Laboratories

Pathological Services are available at the Berri Riverland General Hospital 6 days a week. Phone 08 8580 2400.

  • Barmera Pharmacy – 20 Barwell Avenue, Barmera – ph: 08 8588 2363
  • Waikerie Pharmacy – Shop 1/1 White Street, Waikerie – ph: 08 8541 4436
  • Loxton Pharmacy – 6 East Terrace, Loxton – ph: 08 8584 7525
  • Berri Pharmacy – 13 Vaughan Terrace, Berri – ph: 08 8582 3700
  • Priceline Renmark – 10 Renmark Avenue, Renmark – ph: 08 8586 6331
  • United Pharmacy Renmark – Renmark Avenue, Renmark – ph: 08 8586 4842
Riverland Visitor Information Centres

Barwell Avenue – ph: 08 8588 2289

Renmark / Paringa:
84 Murray Avenue, Renmark – ph: 1300 661 704

Riverview Drive – ph: 08 8583 5511

Bookpurnong Terrace – ph: 08 8584 8071

12911 Sturt Highway – ph: 08 8541 2332

Post Office Locations
  • Barmera PO – 1 Barwell Avenue – ph: 08 8588 2699
  • Berri PO – 1 Kay Avenue – ph: 13 13 18
  • Loxton PO – 29 East Terrace – ph: 13 13 18
  • Renmark PO – 24 Ral Ral Avenue – ph: 13 13 18
  • Waikerie PO – 4 White Street – ph: 13 13 18
Motorcycle Dealers in the Riverland
  • Forbes Motorcycle and Outboard Repairs – Chowilla Street, Renmark
  • Waynes Shed – Begarra Street, Renmark
  • Loxton Motorcycle Centre – 10 Bookpurnong Terrace, Loxton
  • Waikerie Honda – Sturt Highway, Waikerie
  • Waikerie Motorcycle & Marine (Yamaha dealer) - 43 Peake Tce, Waikerie
Fruit Fly Free!

As one of Australia’s major fruit production areas and as one of the entrances to Adelaide, the Riverland is heavily secured from fruit fly infestation from infected fruit, vegetables and plants entering the area. These products cannot be bought past the various Road Blocks. Heavy fines will apply. (The good news is that shaded eating areas are supplied as you approach these Road Blocks so that you can gorge yourselves before handing over any excess fruit.)

Road Blocks are manned day and night and can be found at Yamba just a few Kms North West of Paringa on the Renmark Road, at Pinnaroo on the Ouyen Road that goes onto to Loxton and at Ceduna on the Nullarbor Highway. The main road from Adelaide works on an honour system with bins supplied to jettison all fruit etc.

Please comply with all regulations and don’t attempt to hide contraband as it will always be found by our diligent Inspectors to your financial detriment!

Further Contacts

2018 AGM Event Committee Executive

Graeme Rule - Co-Director Riverland

Neville Gray - Co-Director Adelaide

Linda Price - Event Secretary

Mike Abberfield - Event Treasurer