Guided Rides

Click here to download a PDF of the Riverland AGM Guided Rides.    The printed pages will also be available at the RIDES area at Event HQ.

All Day Rides

1. A ride is planned to go to the National Motor Museum at Birdwood - a total distance of about 400 km for the day. The Museum is recognised as a premium collection of iconic cars and motorcycles from the amazing Standley Steamer, the very first Holden off the production line through to Tom Kruse’s Birdsville Track truck to some of the latest Ferraris and Lamborghinis. This ride will pass through the Barossa Valley on its way to Birdwood and is for the more experienced rider and pillion not adverse to 400 km days.

2. The second option for a full day ride (345 km) is to the internationally famous Barossa Valley, first settled in 1840, with its wineries and eateries all enclosed by a magnificent Valley with stunning scenery in every direction.  Places visited will include the panoramic view of the Valley from Mengler’s Hill, a visit to Maggie Beer’s Pheasant Farm and food establishment, a must for discerning foodies, and Seppelts large winery with several accomplished in-house artisans at Seppeltsfield.

Both longer rides will be led by experienced Ride Leaders with quick access to breakdown facilities.  These longer rides will return to the Barmera HQ in good time to avoid any nocturnal wild life.

Half Day Rides

1. The first half day ride is a ‘History Ride’ covering 83 km and taking 3 hours. After a visit to a chocolate shop we ride to Loveday. Did you know that up to 3,000 Japanese, German and Italian prisoners of war were held in detention at Loveday Internment Camp? A few remnants of these facilities can be seen. We also visit two pioneer pubs used by the overlanders when droving cattle. One is in ruins, but the other is still operational. After morning tea lakeside, we visit the interesting display of the history of the internment camp at the Visitors’ Information Centre in Barmera.

2. The second half-day ride visits the four main towns of the upper Riverland and takes around 3.5 hours and covers 170 km. The ride also passes through several of the smaller towns on winding sealed back-roads in the region as it follows the mighty Murray River, the centre point of the Riverland. Of course, the local bakeries will be visited for your eating pleasure.

3. The third half-day ride covers 205 km and with a visit to the Morgan Museum and lunch in Waikerie, takes about five hours. This ride uses the ferry system that is still the back-bone of traversing the Murray as it has been throughout the years. Although the main river ferry crossings have been replaced by modern bridges, this ‘Four Ferry-Crossings Ride’ is just that – we cross on ferries that are still operating throughout the Riverland today and are still vital connections to all towns. These ferries are manned 24 hours a day and are free to use. This ride will give the users a great look at the whole Riverland and visits Morgan with its fascinating museum and Waikerie with its magnificent views of the Murray River from our lunch spot.

AGM All Day Guided Ride 1 to Birdwood

AGM All Day Guided Ride 2 to the Barossa

AGM Half Day Guided Ride 1 to Loveday Camp

AGM Half Day Guided Ride 2 to Loxton

AGM Half Day Guided Ride 3 to Morgan